Anne Hathaway Joins Tiktok Newly and Shares Her Career and Fashion Highlights

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Anne Hathaway, the Academy Award-winning actress, has finally made it to TikTok! The actress’s first post on the platform was a video montage displaying her project life and fashion top performances over the past four years.

The video is a combination of career highlights, fashion inspiration, and also relatable moments. Hathaway’s first post was a nostalgic slideshow of short video clips. It started with a reference to her 2021 film “Locked Down” which was filmed during the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19

She also showed her role in the movie “The Witches” as a witch. There was also the premiere of her miniseries “WeCrash” and her red-carpet appearances.


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The TikTok video was switched to a different theme with Hathaway showing the beautiful dresses she wore to the Met Gala, the Cannes Film Festival, and several fashion shows.

Hataway showed moments of her at the 2023 Met Gala, celebrating “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” and at the Valentino show in Rome in July 2022.

What Does Anne Hathaway Videoes on Tiktok Signify?

The actress demonstrated her sense of humor in this video when she inserted clips of where she asked for a moment to regain her composure, followed by carefree moments of her dancing

This brought a sense of warmth that helped the viewers to connect with her and perhaps discover a more realistic side of the celebrity.

Hathaway also revealed her vulnerability by showing emotional moments. She shared emotional clips of her tearing up at award shows like the 2024 SAG Awards, and reuniting with her co-stars from the movie that everybody loves “The Devil Wears Prada.”

It covered glimpses of Hathaway’s life beyond the red carpet, and her relationship with the fashion designer Donatella Versace.

The video was completed with short clips of her funny appearances on popular shows including “The Tonight Show” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show”. This short glimpse into her life off-screen made Hathaway stand out from the crowd and fans got to know her more.

Her first appearance on TikTok was a reflection of fashion inspiration, career accomplishments, and relatable moments that showed that she was happy to be a part of the community.

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