Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Marriage Reportedly on the Rocks

Jennifer Lopez and estranged husband

According to various sources, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are going through hard times in their marriage. The reports say the relationship between these two, revived in 2021 and led to marriage a year later, is now on completely different pages.

They have been “having issues for a few months” an insider claimed. The problems started when Lopez started to increase work schedules and tour preparation.

The source told People that Lopez is “very focused on work”, while Affleck is “living somewhere else”.  On top of it, Lopez liking a social media post that had to do with being in a toxic relationship made headlines. It fed the rumors about her marital issues.

The facts behind the rumors are still up in the air, and some sources even suggest that there is no apparent split that is going to happen. But on the same note, it seems that Lopez and Affleck are encountering some problems in their relationship which may eventually resolve to their happy marriage.

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Could Jennifer Lopez be Closing the Curtain on Love?

A close source to the couple said that Lopez and Affleck are not breaking up despite the recent rumors, claiming the couple is making progress towards their marital goals with the help of marital counseling.

The source denies rumors that Affleck has left their house, saying that J.Lo was only touring new homes to explore investment ventures.

Yet another source states that they are attempting to mend their relationship in therapy sessions. Although it is evident that Lopez and Affleck are facing a rocky mountain, it is a relationship that still holds a lot of promise.

The couple has not been spotted together in 47 days. But, it could be that a split still seems rather far away. Nevertheless, the future is unpredictable. Will Lopez and Affleck reconcile their disputes? Who knows? They may be able to successfully deal with the problems.

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