Sam Raimi and Wife Gillian Greene Divorcing After 30 Years

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After more than 30 years of marriage, Gillian Greene, the wife of the celebrated director Sam Raimi, has announced their divorce. Greene, a young woman of 56 from the County of Los Angeles, California, filed the papers on the 8th of May in the Superior Court of California in the County of Los Angeles.

Their marriage started on Sept.17, 1993, and it has been officially dissolved. However, the date of separation is not provided. According to Rebecca Greene’s petition, she demands spousal support and wants the ex-spouse to allow her to receive no alimony.

She is also trying to get her legal representation fees paid. First, there is no reference to the prenup. But this problem looks like they need a written agreement to reach an agreement easily. 

The couple share five children: Henry, Lorne, Emma, Schooley, and kindergartener Dashiell. Notwithstanding all the challenges of their relationship, they’ve been steadfast through three decades of marriage and parenthood.

Sam Raimi Responds to Spider-Man 4 Rumors

Sam Raimi, the director, has spoken out regarding the rumors flying around his possible return to the Spider-Man franchise after participating in Tobey Maguire’s iconic trilogy. It was revealed that another film is ongoing, with Raimi rejoining the team and Maguire, who played Peter Parker.

Raimi recently addressed the current situation in an interview, saying, “Well, I haven’t heard about that yet.” He made it clear that he was happy with Marvel’s Spider-Man movies but a little confused about future participation.

Meanwhile, Sam Raimi, felt that Tobey Maguire’s comeback in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was fantastic. However, he is not sure if Marvel and Columbia Pictures will work with him again as director on a Spider-Man film. So, it’s unclear if we’ll see more of his Spider-Man storyline on film.

On the flip side, fans are still waiting for confirmation of the fourth Spiderman movie. It seems Spider-Man’s cinematic history is still fresh in viewers’ memories and continues to spark conversation as the debates surrounding Peter Parker and Marvel’s deal with Sony Pictures Studio continue.

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