Meghan Markle’s Windsor Dress Sparks Discussion on Nigeria Trip

Meghan Markle's Windsor dress quickinfobuzz

Meghan Markle’s Windsor dress sparked a lot of reactions during their three-day visit to Nigeria which kicked off on Friday, May 10th.

The Duchess of Sussex’s unique fashion choice turned the heads of many as she showcased a blackless peachy maxi dress designed by Heidi Merrick, nicknamed “Windsor”.

Though she looked super stylish, many needed to be more impressed with the irony of Meghan wearing a dress bearing the Windsor name, considering she had already decided not to be a royal in 2020.

Social media was full of comments relating to Meghan Markle’s dress. Among the comments, there were mouth-breathing and tongue-flicking jokes as well as daydreaming instances.

An X user shared, “I’m convinced she is doing this on purpose at this point. Infamy is her goal – not approval. She is taking a page out of Wallis’s handbook.”

The second one jested, “Done as a snub. DEFINITELY.” In other cases, more people approved of Megan Markle’s dress choice, and one wrote, “I am dead serious” when asked if they thought Meghan was doing it on purpose.

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The Royal Couple’s Heartfelt Interaction with School Children

Despite the comments about Meghan’s fashion, the essence of their visit was getting engaged with students from the Lightway Academy, a school sponsored by the Archwell Foundation.

Meghan and Harry addressed the mental health challenges openly telling the students it is fine to be honest with each other and seek help when needed. She shared rare details about her children, Lilibet and Archie.

Her speech touched all who listened to it. In her words, “As I look around this room, I see myself in all of you as well. So it is a complete honor to have our first visit to Nigeria, be here with all of you.”

Prince Harry also covered the subject of mental health and used his own life story as an example. He said, “There is no shame in being able to acknowledge that today is a bad day.”

He related losing his mother, Princess Diana and referenced the need to find comfort when going through tough times. Prince Harry stressed the need to regularly check on friends and relatives.

Meanwhile, the couple’s interactions touched everyone in the room and showed the audience how dedicated they were to charity, despite all the infamous press relating to their royal status.

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