Dele Alli Said He Was Molested During Chaotic Childhood

Dele Alli Molestation

England soccer player Dele Alli opened up to the world and talked about his childhood molestation. Dele Alli recently finished 6 weeks in a rehab center to pressure down his mental health trauma and addiction. He came honest and told everyone that he first consumed drugs at the age of eight!

Dele Alli opened up about his Molestation

In a recent podcast with former Manchester United defender and Gray Neville, Dele Alli told that he was molested by his mother’s friend at the age of 6 at his own home. Dele Alli also revealed that his mom was an alcoholic and thus, he was sent to Africa. There, he started smoking at 7 and begin dealing with drugs at 8.

“I cycled about with my football and then beneath I’d have the drugs at eight. An older person assured me they wouldn’t stop a youngster on a bike. When I was eleven, a man from the adjacent estate hanged me from a bridge”.


In The Overlap Podcast with Neville, he talked about his adoption that happened at the age of 12. He added- “If god created people, then he’s the one that created them”. “It was difficult for me to truly open up to them when I first moved in with them because I believed it would be easy to evict me once more. Yet, they were wonderful and greatly helped me”.

Dele Alli Molestation

Neville questioned Alli about his connection with his birth mother, and Alli said that he hasn’t spoken to her since his parents broke the news of his adopted family to the world.

Following that, Alli admitted, “I just felt so sad, let down, and betrayed that I just couldn’t maintain the relationship with my mom.”

Rehab Center

Dele Alli, recently at the age of 27 played for the Turkish Super League at Turkey. After returning from there, he decided to join rehab in the UK.

“My mental state was poor. I made the decision to check into a sophisticated recovery center for trauma, mental illness, and addiction, said Alli.

“I thought the moment was right for me. You cannot be instructed to go there while things are like that. You are required to choose for yourself.

“I was stuck in a destructive cycle and depended on things that were harming me. Every day when I woke up, I felt like I was winning the war. I would smile and act joyful at training, but on the inside, I knew I was losing. It was time for a change.

Alli said on the Overlap podcast that Everton had shown him a lot of support in his choice to attend rehab and

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