Did Mikasa Marry Jean In The End?

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After more than a decade, Attack on Titan has finally come to an end and it has left the viewers with some questions. Some people needed an explanation of the ending while others had just one question: Who the hell is that man and that child with Mikasa in the end? Is it Jean? Did Mikasa marry Jean and have a kid with him? Major spoilers ahead! It could be that Isayama wanted to leave us scratching our heads over who that person might be, but what we should also focus on is that Mikasa found happiness, and Eren was never forgotten! Now, if you ask me who that person might be… There are quite a few possibilities

1. Did Mikasa Marry Jean?

Jean had a thing for Mikasa from the very beginning. He also never lost faith in Eren even though Eren was destroying the whole world. He thought there had to be a reason for what Eren was doing, and he saw Eren just as Eren, not a hero or a villain, just like Mikasa. That tells us that Jean might be the one who understands Mikasa the best. Yeah, he did think of Eren as a suicidal maniac though! That’s why some folks think Jean and Mikasa getting together wouldn’t be too strange. But if you look closely, that person doesn’t seem to have any facial hair while Jean does. However, nothing is confirmed. There is no solid proof that she married Jean. And there are some clues that hint that she did not marry Jean.

2. Armin

That man could be Armin, I mean as a friend, and given that Attack on Titan is really about Mikasa, Eren, and Armin, it makes sense for Armin to be there with Mikasa as a friend. He could be there to support her, especially when they’re all grown up. As for the child, it could be Armin’s, or maybe Mikasa adopted a kid from Historia’s orphanage. Plus, Armin does not have any facial hair.

3. Remained single

The third and most likely possibility is that Mikasa didn’t end up with anyone. It is because there are four flowers on Eren’s grave, and they happen to be roses, which stand for being pure and in love. So, why roses, and why four of them? Some say Isayama wanted to show that, “She’s pure” or “a virgin,” even if it sounds a bit funny. That’s why the child in that scene can’t be hers. In another scene, Mikasa is holding one rose while she’s about to pass away, which means “You are the only one.” Some think Isayama never meant to show her getting married because as he said it wouldn’t fit with Attack on Titan’s style. In Japan, people often think women are happy when they’re married and have kids. Oh, and if Mikasa had a new partner and kids, why does she still have her scarf on, even when she’s about to be laid to rest? It doesn’t make sense. So, it could be a clear hint that Mikasa didn’t have children.

So these are some possibilities of who that person might be. But remember, these are just different possibilities and you are welcome to think whatever you want. It could be Jean, it could be Armin, or it could be another character. Tell me in the comments what you think.

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