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Attack on Titan Ending Explained: More than a decade after this anime first touched our hearts, the journey of Attack on Titan has finally reached its conclusion. As we bid farewell to the series, we are left with a mix of emotions, for it hints at a future both harsh and hopeful. Major spoiler alert!

The main conflict of the show was Eren Yeager’s unwavering desire to end all wars. The solution our main character came up with was to eliminate everyone beyond Paradis Island, promising a semblance of peace, but it was a solution shrouded in darkness. The final episode unveils the true depths of Eren’s plan, a vision of what lies beyond the genocide.

In the culmination of this epic saga, Attack on Titan Final Season’s THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2 shows humanity’s last stand against Eren’s cataclysmic Rumbling. What becomes clear is that the future Eren foresaw is far from bright. In his quest to stop the suffering, he set in motion yet more wars and struggles. Eren found himself trapped in the very turmoil he sought to prevent.

How did it end? Attack on Titan Ending Explained!

The climactic battle concludes with Mikasa and her comrades successfully breaking Ymir’s control over Eren, and the decisive blow is struck as Eren’s colossal Founding Titan form meets its end. In this moment, Eren’s hidden memories come to light. He used his power to communicate with his friends through the Paths, explaining his intentions. Eren revealed to Armin that by letting his friends save the world from destruction, he would make them heroes for the remaining population (he massacred 80%). He stated that he wanted them to fight and become heroes. However, he also went on to say that he also wished to see the world flattened! His head was messed up because in his mind, there was no past, no present, it all existed at once!

Driven by fear of retaliation from the outside world, Eren aimed to ensure that Paradis had defenders willing to fight for the sake of humanity. This grim outcome was the only one he believed possible, given the tumultuous influence of the Attack Titan’s power on his mind. While Armin wished to explore alternative solutions, Eren’s desire for full-scale genocide prevailed. After the battle, Armin and his allies strive to negotiate peace with other nations.

Historia reveals that Eldia has fallen under the sway of the Yeagerists, a faction poised for confrontation with the outside world. They view Eren as a martyr and perceive conflict as the only path forward, an ideology mirrored by the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Mikasa and her companions find moments of serenity, but society continues its relentless march forward.

The episode’s closing moments depict humanity’s ceaseless progression and unending conflict. Despite Eren’s efforts, the Titan powers’ loss, Ymir’s discovery of peace, and the immense toll taken during the battle, the cycle of strife endures into the future. With 80% of the world’s population perished, the world’s painful cycle of recovery and conflict continues. Well, this was kind of expected to happen, this guy stomped on 80% of the world, so it was inevitable for people to take revenge! That’s why fans are saying, he should have either killed everyone outside Paradis Island or everyone inside it. What do you think? Comment below!

As we reflect on the Attack on Titan ending, we are left with a blend of emotions. The series has come to an end, but its powerful themes and message will linger in our hearts. What are your thoughts on the way Attack on Titan concluded? Please share your feelings in the comments below.

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