Sexy TV Shows and Movies to Watch in 2024

Sexy Tv Shows and movies quickinfobuzz

Last year had us mulling over our screens and this year? The top performances are back!

Apart from watching regular sitcoms or British crime dramas on Netflix, which are great options for your evenings, why don’t you spice it up with sexy TV shows and movies?

And guess what? Some of the steamiest shows are Netflix originals. Still not convinced? You can have a sneak peek at some of the sexiest Netflix shows available for streaming right now.

10. Oppenheimer 

Oppenheimer played by Cillian Murphy, is portrayed as somewhat of a ladies’ man. In his earlier years, before he even thought about the atomic bomb, he worked as a professor at Berkeley and showed an interest in communism. At a party thrown by prominent communists, he meets Jean Tatlock, a psychologist who later becomes his mistress. They flirt in a nerdy manner, joking about their political views before the scene cuts to them being intimate. This is one movie that will have you screaming all through.

9. Griselda 

The year 2024 is starting excitingly because we’ll see Sofía Vergara on our screens again. The former Modern Family star will lead her crime drama, inspired by the life of Griselda Blanco, a notorious drug dealer. Blanco, nicknamed the “Godmother of Cocaine,” controlled the cocaine business in Miami and Colombia during the 1980s, with the help of multiple husbands and a hired hitman. If you need some spot-on action, then you’ve found that movie.

8. The Voyeurs 

In this story, Pippa and Thomas, a couple who move into a new apartment building, become intrigued by another couple living across the street, whose lives are on display for all to see. Pippa is particularly drawn to their neighbors, especially the photographer Seb and the model Julia. As the story unfolds, there are plenty of surprises, and many of them are sensual.

7. Bridgerton Season 3

At last, Bridgerton is returning! The third season of the popular Netflix series will be released in two parts in 2024, with the first half coming in May and the second in June. This season will focus on Penelope Featherington, who continues to write as Lady Whistledown, as she expresses her romantic feelings for her lifelong crush, Colin Bridgerton. The season kicks off with Colin helping Penelope build confidence as she searches for a husband, but we can probably predict how that will turn out.

6. Reacher

In the Amazon Prime series, Reacher gets arrested and later gets involved romantically with Officer Roscoe. Whether adding the romance is a good idea depends on who you ask. Some prefer the movie Reacher, which is all about beating up bad guys, while others enjoy seeing Reacher’s relationship with Roscoe as a nice change from all the action.

5. Drive-Away Dolls

Ethan Coen’s latest solo project, a movie he’s directing without his brother Joel, has been in development since the mid-2000s.  In the movie, Margaret Qualley stars as Jamie, a sexually confident character, as compared to her more reserved friend Marian, played by Geraldine Viswanathan. The plot follows their road trip from Philly to Tallahassee, Florida, with some risky cargo and criminals on their tail. Expect plenty of steamy scenes, including girl-on-girl action and more. If you thought “Burn After Reading” was spicy, get ready for an even wilder ride.

4. The Girlfriend Experience 

It’s okay if you didn’t catch The Girlfriend Experience when it first came out. The first season aired in 2016 on Starz and was based on the 2009 movie of the same name. It follows a law student, played excellently by Riley Keough, who also works as a high-end escort. This captivating series is now available for streaming on Prime Video.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey

This is one of the sexy TV shows you should add to your watchlist in 2024. In the movie, Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele, a college newspaper writer who catches the attention of wealthy businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) during an interview at his office in a skyscraper. Their first encounter sparks something more intense, as Christian reveals his unconventional desires and offers to introduce Anastasia to a world of both pain and pleasure.

2. Ashes

Netflix has plenty of steamy thrillers, and the latest addition is Ashes! Directed by Erdem Tepegoz, this Turkish movie focuses on a rich married woman who becomes intrigued by a mysterious carpenter. It’s a story that transitions from a captivating dream to a risky romance. You can watch Ashes now on Netflix.

1. Mea Culpa 

Finally, Tyler Perry’s version of the sexy thriller is hitting the screens. Perry wrote and directed Mea Culpa, labeled by Netflix as a “steamy thriller.” The trailer brings back memories of classic erotic thrillers. Kelly Rowland plays a defense attorney representing an artist, portrayed by Trevante Rhodes from “Moonlight,” who’s accused of killing his girlfriend.

As we are already in the first quarter of 2024, exciting sexy TV shows and movies are starting to pop up. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg as other new TV shows and movies are lining up. That means this list will be constantly updated, and we’ll be keeping a close watch.

So, which of these movies tops your watchlist charts? Let’s find out in the comment section!

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