Vin Diesel Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Rita Moreno at Gala, Acknowledging Her Impact on His Career

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Vin Diesel at the WNET Group’s 2024 Gala told a very emotional story about Rita Moreno, a 92-year-old remarkable actress, whose influence on his life and career is simply invaluable.

Diesel, who is well known for his roles in the “Fast & Furious” series, recalled how Moreno’s performances in the movies were very impactful and inspiring to him when he was growing up in New York City as a child.

Recalling that moment, “My dream as a kid growing up here in New York… my first crush… was Rita.”He attributed his reading skills to Moreno’s involvement in “The Electric Company” which helped him and others in the neighborhood learn how to read.

He expressed his admiration for Moreno’s authenticity and emotional depth when Moreno became moved by a spontaneous line that was improvised for her character.

“Rita and I were working and a line was created on the spot for her to say. It was whispered into her ear and she looked up and started crying and said. ‘That’s the most beautiful line I’ve ever heard.’ Now what? What do you do with that but cry? The whole set was crying. “Diesel said.

Looking back at his career, Vin Diesel was aware of the influence of Moreno’s guidance as he confessed, “I don’t have an Oscar, I don’t have an Emmy, I don’t have a Golden Globe, I don’t have a Tony, but I got Rita Moreno.”

Moreno thanked Diesel for the very touching words, admitting “I’ve never had any kind of celebration in my honor.” She ended the evening with a song titled “Dream,” which evoked a standing ovation from the audience.

Rita Moreno Recognized for Philanthropy and Career

The first-time EGOT recipient, Rita Moreno was honored for her excellent charitable endeavors and her decades-long career as an entertainer at WNET group’s 2024 Gala in New York.

Being an activist for social justice has been a part of her life since she was a little girl and she used the performing arts to fight sexism and racism in the entertainment industry.

Moreno expressed her commitment to charity, “I’ve always felt compelled to help others. Learning from someone outspoken about the importance of politics and giving back encouraged me to do more.”

Her commitment has covered every facet of the anti-nuclear movement from taking part in anti-atomic testing rallies to walking beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the historic March on Washington.

She advocates for educational programs including PBS’s “The Electric Company”. She is also an active member of the National Arts Council.

Neal Shapiro, the CEO of the WNET Group, also praised Moreno for her commendable commitment to the art of diversity and the success of the group.

He stated, “Rita Moreno embodies the essence of this honor. Her impact on American culture and her dedication to uplifting diverse voices make her the perfect choice.”

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