Michael Richards Reunites with Jerry Seinfeld After Eight-Year Hiatus

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Michael Richards, the actor who played the bizarre character of Cosmo Kramer on the popular sitcom Seinfeld, has made a comeback after an eight-year break.

The highly awaited reunion happened on Tuesday during the Hollywood premiere of “Unfrosted,” which marked the directorial debut of Jerry Seinfeld, his former co-star.

The sight of the two of them together sent fans of the show right back to the golden era of their much-loved sitcom, especially since Richards has kept a low profile in public since his 2006 controversy.

However, pictures were taken to capture the touching reunion at the Egyptian Theatre. The 74-year-old Richards hugged the 70-year-old Seinfeld, and they both graciously accepted to pose for pictures with the fans.

Richards was smartly dressed in a gray suit with a paisley button-down shirt, and he had clear-rimmed glasses on too.

Seinfeld has remained in the entertainment industry since the show Seinfeld ended in 1999, whereas Richards has chosen to keep a lower profile. The last time they had a public interaction, apart from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was in 2015 at a charity event in Los Angeles.

Will Michael Richards Address Controversies in His Upcoming Memoir?

Micheal Richard’s withdrawal from the public sphere had been caused by the event that had taken place back in 2006 and was widely reported in the media.

In the midst of one of his stand-up gigs at the Laugh Factory, he went berserk and unleashed a fountain of racial slurs targeted at Hispanic and Black audience members who had mocked him.

The event not only damaged his reputation but also ruined his career as an actor in a way that has been impossible to revive after such a severe blow. 

Nonetheless, Richards will deal with this “shameful” episode in his book that will be published by Permuted Press names “Entrances and Exits”. 

In his memoir, the great rock star will give his viewpoint on the event and its aftermath. It will focus more on him as a person like his life growing up with a schizophrenic aunt and the time he spent in the military.

The book’s publication can offer a chance for the public to reconcile this conflict and allow fans to appreciate the man who is behind the role.

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