Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry David Comedy Ends After 12 Series

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The satirical comedy show Curb Your Enthusiasm ending on Sunday, brings together memorable moments from its 12 seasons.

This HBO series features Larry David playing a fictionalized version of himself, a partly retired TV writer and producer living in Los Angeles.

It was first aired on HBO in 2000, and inspired by a mockumentary that was supposed to be a one-time thing, where Larry David, aged 76, plays a funnier version of himself. 

The show took a break after season 8 in 2011 and came back in 2017. In total, the series was nominated for 51 Emmy Awards and six Golden Globe Awards over 24 years.

David in December when the show announced its final season said” As Curb Your Enthusiasm finishes, I can finally leave behind this “Larry David” persona and go back to being the person I truly am. The thoughtful, kind, and caring individual I was before playing this negative character”. 

What is the Plot of Curb Your Enthusiasm Finale?

In the last episode, “No Lessons Learned,” Larry was taken to court for giving Auntie Rae a bottle of water at a voting place in Georgia, breaking a controversial new state rule.

On his trip to Atlanta for the trial, Larry had some trouble with a flight attendant because he didn’t switch his phone to airplane mode.

During the flight, Leon watched Seinfeld for the first time and was surprised by how many women Jerry dated.

Later at the hotel, Larry, Jeff, and Susie were disgusted by Richard Lewis discussing his intimate life with a past flame.

Then came the big surprise! Richard’s flame turned out to be Janney, the same woman who refused to let Larry and Leon into the turning lane, although she denied it was her.

Larry and his lawyer began assessing potential jurors they wanted to dismiss, including a man wearing a bolo tie, a bald man with a comb-over who seemed self-conscious, and a woman with large hair, whom Larry compared to Kellyanne Conway.

What Was Larry’s Sentence?

As the trial progressed, the district attorney called Mocha Joe, Larry’s old rival, to testify about their ongoing feud. Then, the owner of Larry’s Country Club, Mr. Takahashi, took the stand and recounted how Larry accidentally killed the club’s black swan with his golf club.

There were flashbacks to past seasons, showing some of Larry’s comical mishaps. The next day, the verdict was announced, and unfortunately, Larry was found guilty. He was given a one-year prison sentence.

While Larry was in jail, Jerry Seinfeld showed up once more. He had discovered that a man he had an uncomfortable encounter with the previous night was one of the jurors who was supposed to be isolated from the outside world.

This led to the trial being declared a mistrial, and Larry’s sentencing was scrapped.

How Was David’s Character in the Show?

Curb Your Enthusiasm Ending quickinfobuzz

In the Curb Your Enthusiasm ending, MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes described David  as a “petty, conniving, and frankly spiteful man.” The show used these traits for comedy, as it always does.

David had the creative freedom from HBO to end the show on his terms, without worrying about the reaction.

However, it was reassuring to see in the “Seinfeld” plot that David could laugh not just at himself but also at what some consider one of his few notable mistakes

In season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, along with Springsteen, there were guest appearances by Steve Buscemi, Savannah Guthrie, Sean Hayes, Hoda Kotb, Dan Levy, Lori Loughlin, Sienna Miller, Conan O’Brien, and Rob Riggle.

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