Drake’s Response to His Leaked Sex Tape

Drake's reaction to leaked sex tape quickinfobuzz

Drake’s response to his leaked tape has been that of silence, so it’s unclear if the man in it is actually him.

His most recent post on Instagram is an image that included the tagline “BIGGER & BIGGER,” meant to advertise a tour he was doing with J. Cole and Lil Durk.

He trended on X on Tuesday following the reported leak of a video showing the 37-year-old musician performing a sexual act while fully nude in bed.

On social media sites, hundreds of thousands of users responded to the leaked footage. Some detectives worked fast to figure out that the man in the video had the same headboard as Drake, who owns a $185 million special private plane called Air Drake.

Meanwhile, internet broadcaster Adin Ross, who has Drake’s phone number and is aware of the alleged leak, wrote the rapper a humorous voice message informing him that he’s “blessed” in many ways. 

Ross claims that shortly after sending the voice memo and broadcasting the audio message on his stream, Drake texted him back, with “eight laughing emojis.”

Although there isn’t a screenshot of Ross and Drake’s conversation available to the public, the two have made their friendship known to others.

The Kick caster also hinted that Drake would use his voice note as the opening to his “next album.”

Other Celebrities that are Recent Victims of Leaked Tapes or Pictures 

Drake's response to his leaked

This isn’t the first time an A-list celebrity has been the focus of leaked video rumors.

Recently, there have been sexually suggestive deepfake images of Taylor Swift on the internet.

When it happened, X decided to remove the singer’s name from the social networking platform temporarily. Now that Drake has been added to the list, it’s all getting messy.

On the flip side, Drake has no trouble flaunting his toned body and ripped abs on the internet over the years. 

It’s still shocking that “Drizzy” is still unmarried even though ladies are flocking all around him sparking a lot of dating rumors.

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