Maggie Rogers Announces New Album ‘Don’t Forget Me

Maggie Rogers Announces New Album, Don’t forget me

Fans are so excited as Maggie Rogers announces New album “Don’t Forget Me” release date.

The songwriter and singer said her third album will be out on Capitol Records on April 12th. 

When Rogers shared a sneak peek of the title track from her upcoming album “Don’t Forget Me” on social media on New Year’s Day, it was an obvious sign of what was to come.

Aside from recently experimenting with new songs in her live performances, trailers of “Don’t Forget Me,” and “So Sick Of Dreaming” among others have been released. The album itself seems to be a purposeful return to her musical roots.

What Inspired Maggie Rogers’ New Album?

Maggie Rogers has always wanted to make “an album that sounded like a Sunday afternoon“.

She said ”Worn in denim. A drive in your favorite car. No make up, but the right amount of lipstick. Something classic. The mohair throw and bottle of Whiskey in Joan Didion’s motel room. An old corvette. Vintage, but not overly Americana. I wanted to make an album to belt at full volume alone in your car, a trusted friend who could ride shotgun and be there when you needed her”.

Her album was mostly about her and other people in her world. In her words “Some of the stories on this album are mine. And for the first time really, some of them are not. The moments that are mine feel like memories — glimpses from college, details from when I was 18, 22, 28 (I’m 29 now). In writing the album sequentially, at some point a character emerged. I started to picture a girl on a roadtrip through the American south and west. A sort of younger Thelma & Louise character who was leaving home and leaving a relationship, processing out loud, finding solace in her friends and in the promise of a new city and new landscape”. ”I tried to capture her life with the intimacy of Linda McCartney’s photographs, spontaneous and open and free. She’s starting over, turning the page on a new chapter in her life.

She continued “Some of the stories and details in the songs are from friends or from the news. Some I just completely made up, or rather, sort of flew out of me. Pen to paper. Fully formed. There they were. I think in this way, some of the deepest truths about my present were able to come forward. I wasn’t looking for them or digging them up, harvesting their stories before they had the chance to become fully grown. The truths about my life came from my deepest intuition. Things I wasn’t ready to say out loud to myself, but they found a place in the music”.

It was disclosed by her that the song “was written over five days, two songs a day” in a kind of sequence.

Ian Fitchuk was her only partner on the project. He co-wrote eight of the album’s ten tracks, played most of the instruments, and co-produced it with Rogers.

Meanwhile, some of the tracks on this album are:

  • It Was Coming All Along
  • Drunk
  • So Sick of Dreaming
  • The Kill
  • If Now Was Then
  • I Still Do
  • On & On & On
  • Never Going Home
  • All The Same
  • Don’t Forget Me

We’re patiently waiting for April to start streaming all of her songs live! Are you excited too?

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