Drake Got Struck By Phone During Live Performance

Drake got struck by phone

Drake was struck by a phone thrown by a fan during his concert ‘It’s All Blur’ tour on Wednesday night in Chicago. At the moment people and artists around were all confused by the incident. Drake along with 21 Savage was doing an opening performance for his tour.

The rapper was reached by a thrown phone, continuing a troubling pattern of recent concerts that have seen a number of similar events happen with other singers. Watch the video below

Who threw the phone at Drake?

A fan tossed a mobile phone at Drake on the first night of his It’s All a Blur tour in Chicago on Wednesday as he was covering Ginuwine’s “So Anxious” song. The person remained unidentified and was not caught. However, similar incidents have taken place before and are becoming very usual at concerts.
Crazy concertgoers have thrown things onto the stage in an effort to hit other musicians. Ava Max, Kelsea Ballerini, Pink, and Bebe Rexha have all dealt with similar circumstances.

What was Drake’s response to the action?

Drake’s reaction to the incident was super cool! When the person threw the phone Drake didn’t see it until it struck his arm. The rapper was super chill, he didn’t even flinch once. He just kept on performing the song.

Fans in the audience were perplexed by what they had just observed. But Drake wasn’t willing to let that deter him from his goal. He never made a big deal out of the phone and just kept singing for the crowd.

How did it all start?

Ask Bebe Rexha, who is currently recovering from face injuries sustained last month when a fan threw a phone at her head. How social media prompted concertgoers to throw phones at musicians in the hopes of gaining exclusive footage.

We just heard Jason Derulo’s opinion on the matter, who would be happy with Drake’s response because he believes musicians shouldn’t snap pictures with electronics tossed onstage? Artists like Adele have threatened to fight back if phones fly their way.
Drake is obviously not interested in following the fad.

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