Taylor Swift with ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner on stage during Eras Tour

Taylor Swift

The audience was in awe when Taylor Swift brought her ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, out on stage during her Eras Tour in Kansas City on Friday night. Swift invited the film stars Joey King and Presley Cash to join her on stage after revealing her newest music video for the song- I Can See You to the crowd.

Taylor Swift planned to bring Taylor Lautner, her ex-boyfriend for the final moments, keep reading the article to find out how it happened.

Why she brought her ex-boyfriend on Eras Tour?

Taylor just wanted to thank her ex-bf (Taylor Lautner) cause of all the efforts he gave in making her Taylor’s “Speak Now Album”. She said- There is another person present, and he had a really beneficial influence on my life while I was recording the Speak Now album.

As the crowd went excited, she added, “I want to stress that he performed every trick you saw in that music video. He did not have a backup actor.

It’s crazy. His abilities are really insane. He has also become one of my closest friends, along with his wife. Swift continues by stating how “easy” it is for them all to have the “same first name.”

And then, Taylor Lautner shares the stage with Taylor Swift and hugs her initially. He takes the microphone and declares, “We had a blast creating this video. He appreciated her for having him and everyone else.

“I simply want to say… I admire you so much, not for the performer, songwriter, or vocalist you are, but rather for the person you are.”

“I’m honored to know you since you are nice, humble, and kind.”

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