The Idol 2023 Review: The worst show of the Year!

Idol 2023

The maker of The Idol (Sam Levinson) stated that this show will be the best drama of the year. But when the show premiered on July 4th, 2023, the response of critics do not suggest it to be the best one! The idol is primarily disliked for being uninteresting. The series has been attacked for being sexist, unsettling, try-hard, and awkward. For many, this show is not even worth the time. But is that actually true? We’ll discuss everything related to the show (Idol 2023) in detail. Continue reading to find out about The Idol Review.

Idol 2023 review: worst show of the year?

Before we began to talk about it, it is vital for you to know that the show is full of nudity, criticized because of extremely misogynistic dialogues, and for being weirdly awkward at moments. Some have tagged it as the worst show of the year!

Idol reviews and critics

Most critics consider the program to be abhorrent and a “rape fantasy. ” The critics’ rating is extremely negative towards the show. It doesn’t appear that critics of The Idol will be altering their views any time soon. Makers are concerned about the excessive use of nudity that the cast has defended. And the resignation of the show’s original director because Levinson shifted the show’s focus away from the female gaze.

The Idol centers on Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp), an aspiring pop idol who vows to reclaim her title as the sexiest pop star in the United States after having a nervous breakdown that forces her last tour to be postponed. She also starts a complicated relationship with Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd”) who’s a self-help guru and the leader of a modern cult.

Was this the first and last season of Idol 2023?

The show total has 5 episodes and all of them are released. Critics and people have made harsh comments about the show. Well, there are not any announcements made but the reviews show that there are very few chances that makers would invest in another season of the show.

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