Powerball Jackpot: No Winner On Monday, Reaches $1 Billion

Powerball Jackpot

Since no winning ticket was sold for the most recent drawing, the Powerball jackpot increased once again to an estimated $1 billion.

The white balls 5, 8, 9, 17, 41, and red Powerball 21 did not appear on any ticket for the drawing on Monday. The projected prize value was $900 million.

The new prize for Wednesday’s drawing would be the third-largest for Powerball and the seventh-highest in American history. A $516.8 million lump sum payment before taxes or $1 billion paid out in year installments is the prize available to ticket holders.

According to lottery authorities, three people each won $2 million after matching all five numbers and the Power Play. Sales of the winning tickets were placed in Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas. Five other persons who correctly matched all five numbers each earned $1 million.

The low chances of 1 in 292.2 million are intended to provide large jackpots that entice additional players. Last November’s $2.04 billion Powerball prize was the greatest ever.

The most recent Powerball jackpot winner received a top reward of roughly $253 million on April 19. Since then, there have been 38 consecutive lotteries without a top prize winner. Unless someone wins, the jackpot will keep increasing.

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