Barbie Review: Everything We Know So Far

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Greta Gerwig, the celebrated filmmaker of “Lady Bird” and “Little Women,” was seen by some to have lived up to the expectations for a more subversive approach to the 11.5-inch Mattel fad. They believed that Gerwig’s script, which she and her partner Noah Baumbach worked on together, was successful in acknowledging the criticisms the Barbie brand has faced over the years, such as unrealistic representations of women’s bodies and, until recently, a lack of diversity in its collection, while also presenting a comedy that leans into the delightful weirdness of the Barbie universe.

Some said the filmmaker might have gone further in criticizing her corporate sponsors while still maintaining the criticisms of materialism and feminine attractiveness.


Greta Grewig on Barbie 2023

Barbie could have been “little more than a toy ad,” but according to Ross Bonaime, it ended up being an “existential look at the difficulties of being a woman, the terrifying nature of life in general, the understanding that trying to be perfect is absurd, while also encapsulating everything that Barbie has meant to people — both good and bad.”

Bonaime compliments the narrative work of the popstar-filled soundtrack, which has songs by Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, and Ice Spice. She also calls Gerwig’s work behind the camera “vibrant and daring.”

Margot Robbie review

According to Justin Chang, who calls “Barbie” a “conceptually fun, sartorially brilliant comedy dream,” the movie is successful in presenting both the case for and against Barbie.

He adds that this film was “planned by Gerwig as a bubble-gum emulsion of frivolity and sophistication, a picture that both promotes and deconstructs its own brand.” “It’s not simply a new round of the never-ending “Barbie: good or bad? It wants to have that discussion and fiercely defend both sides for a good two frantic, frantically multitasking hours.

The release dates of Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are clashing and many are wondering which movie of the two is better and which is making more money at the box office! Time will tell us, in the meantime, take a look at the stunning Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in barbie themed outfits at the Barbie premiere. Dua Lipa set the pink carpet on fire in her see-through dress!

Watch the trailer below!

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