Netflix ends basic membership in the US and UK

Netflix end's membership

Netflix ends basic membership in the united states of America. The text on the streaming giant’s Help Center page for the United States on Wednesday states, “The Basic plan is no longer accessible for new or returning customers.” If you have the Basic plan right now, you can keep it until you switch plans or close your account.

The same announcement regarding the discontinuation of the $9.99 monthly basic membership also appeared on the U.K. website detailing subscription costs. A similar change previously affected Canada.

The Help Center website states that after the removal of the basic Netflix membership, users still have two ad-free alternatives in addition to its Standard with Ads option: Standard at $15.49 per month and Premium at $19.99 per month. The price of the ad-supported plan is $3 less than the now-discontinued basic one.

The basic plan without ads, which had a monthly cost of USD $9.99 in the US and GBP £6.99 in the UK, is no longer available on the sign-up website.

The standard with advertisements option is already in place, and it costs USD $6.99 per month in the US and GBP £4.99 per month in the UK.

The prior basic ad-free subscription only allowed watching on one screen at a time, but the new standard package allows streaming on two compatible devices simultaneously.

On its plans and pricing website, Netflix made it clear that the basic plan is no longer accessible to new or reactivated subscribers. The basic plan will be available to subscribers as long as they don’t switch plans or have their accounts closed.

Netflix ends membership but did warn that not all third-party charging partners and bundles might provide the standard with advertisements package.

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