Carlee Russell missing: Abduction-related internet searches before her disappearance

Carlee Russell missing

Carlee Russell missing! A 25-year-old nursing student, vanished on Thursday after she reported seeing a kid stumbling by the side of the road to 911 and her brother’s girlfriend.

According to police, there is still no proof of a missing kid, and no other cars have reported seeing one along the busy section of the road.

Before she vanished, she looked for information on Amber Alerts, local bus tickets, and the action film “Taken”, according to authorities.

The information was one of several that the authorities released during a news conference on Wednesday afternoon. They gave the most comprehensive description of what happened in the mysterious occurrence that has attracted widespread interest.

Before she vanished, Russell conducted online searches connected to the abduction

Russell looked into whether there was a fee for an Amber Alert on July 11, which was two days before she vanished.

Russell looked up information on the Birmingham bus terminal, which is around 10 miles from Hoover, on the day she vanished. She also looked for a bus ticket that went from Birmingham to Nashville in one direction.

On the day she disappeared, she also looked up the movie Taken and how to steal cash from a register covertly.

According to Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis, it is exceedingly rare for someone to be exploring the internet or watching the movie Taken about an abduction seven to eight hours before they are taken. “I find that to be really odd.”

What happened after Russel Returned?

Russell, according to Derzis, informed police that she had been taken by a guy who had appeared from the trees next to her car as she stepped out to check on the child on Saturday night after she had come home.

She claimed the man picked her up and she described him as having balding and orange hair. According to her, after screaming, he allegedly forced her into a car and over a fence. She claimed that the following memory she had was of being in an 18-wheeler trailer.

Carlee Russell missing case

Russell reported hearing a baby sobbing and the voice of an adult female. Her hands weren’t bound because her kidnappers didn’t want to leave scars on her wrists when they apprehended her after she managed to escape the 18-wheeler and fled on foot.

Russell said that she was brought to a residence and had to strip off; she believes that her kidnappers snapped pictures of her, though she has no recollection of any physical or sexual interaction.

Officials aired Russell’s 911 call, in which she recalls seeing a white male kid wearing diapers, at the press conference.

According to the police, security footage taken on Saturday in Russell’s neighborhood shows her strolling down the sidewalk by herself before going home.

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