Michael B Jordan Car Crash: What Really Happened?

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The news of Michael B Jordan’s car crash has been trending all over social media. This is after a video of his blue Ferrari racing another car along a congested stretch of Sunset Boulevard went viral.

The video was posted with the caption “Michael B. Jordan crashing out in Hollywood racing another Ferrari.”

Authorities are now investigating the 36-year-old “Creed III” star to find out if he was driving the expensive sports vehicle when it collided with a parked vehicle in Hollywood, California, on December 2.

According to the publication (TMZ), prosecutors may file criminal charges if the LAPD concludes its investigation and discovers “criminal culpability.”

Michael B Jordan Car Crash: Is He Really at Fault?

Michael B Jordan Car Crash

No one knows the role Micheal Jordan played in the car crash, since he hasn’t said a word. Meanwhile, the driver of the red car in the video, Tenshi Angel, talked with Entertainment Tonight on Friday about what happened.

He said that he was “just vibing out” as the blue Ferrari approached the side of his car.

In his words ” We was just kind of, like, pacing. This was before the recording there was, like, two blocks away,” Angel recalled. “We were just cruising. And then — I think it was like the next block, like halfway — we were revving the engines a little bit, then once we got to the next block that was when we was like, ‘Oh.’ Honked three times. I took off, and that’s what happened.”

They were “revving engines,” but they weren’t “going fast at all,” according to Angel. He mentioned that at the time of the collision, the cars “weren’t exactly side by side.”

Officials stated that upon their arrival at the scene, they found “no evidence of a DUI” and no indications of anything “nefarious” when the accident originally came to light.

One of the tires could be found several yards behind the vehicle, and the blue Ferrari right fender belonging to the “Black Panther” actor was completely torn off.

The impact from Jordan’s expensive car had wrecked the left side of the Kia and left metal parts dangling from it.

Also, Jordan was not given a field sobriety test, and no charges were made. Photos of the damage done to both cars were taken by TMZ.

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