Matthew Perry’s Stepfather Keith Morrison Opens Up on the Actor’s State Before His Death

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Keith Morrison is still very sad about his stepson Matthew Perry’s death, who was on the show “Friends”.

Perry passed away because he took too much ketamine on October 28, 2023. He had a tough life because he struggled with drinking and using drugs.

Morrison, who is 76 years old and married Perry’s mom when Perry was 12, talked to Hoda Kotb on her podcast, “Making Spaces.” He said he felt sad that Perry didn’t get to live out his later years happily.

Keith Morrison, who now runs the Matthew Perry Foundation, recalls Perry as “a larger-than-life person” who was “goofy,” “funny,” and “always the center of attention.” He also recalls Perry’s struggles with addiction and how much he tried to overcome them.

Journalist Morrison shared that he felt a mix of surprise and acceptance when Perry passed away because he struggled with substance abuse. 

In his words “It was the news you never want to get, but you think someday you might. Yes and no, I guess, is the answer to that.”

Talking about Perry’s fight with addiction, Morrison said Perry thought he was winning, but deep down, he knew addiction is tough to beat completely.

How is Matthew Perry’s Family Coping with the Grief?

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Talking about his grief, Morrison said, “As other people have told me hundreds of times, it doesn’t go away. It’s with you every day. It’s with you all the time, and there’s some new aspect of it that assaults your brain.”

He also mentioned that it’s tough for Perry’s mother, Suzanne Perry. Morrison, who has been married to Suzanne since 1981, told Kotb that his wife and stepson had been especially close before the actor’s death.

Morrison noted that “Toward the end of his life, they were closer than I’ve seen them for decades, texting each other constantly and him sharing things with her that most middle-aged men don’t share with their mothers.”

He highlighted that his stepson “Was always the center of attention everywhere he went.“That kind of personality. But even if he didn’t say a word, he was the center of attention. And so yes, that’s gone, but you still feel the echo of it everywhere.”

After the star’s passing, his close friends established The Matthew Perry Foundation in his honor to assist people dealing with addiction.

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