Ariana Grande dating Spongebob voice actor: Rumors around the globe

Ariana Grande dating spongebob voice actor

Ariana Grande dating Spongebob voice actor, rumors are being spread around the globe mocking Ariana by saying “Is she dating Spongebob now?” The internet mistook Spongebob voice actor for Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend, Ethan Slater. So, the wife of SpongeBob SquarePants voice actor Tom Kenny is attempting to set the record straight.

The Cut’s Instagram post had a headline asking: “Is Ariana Grande Dating SpongeBob Now?” which caused misunderstanding. causing some commentators to think that Grande had moved on with the voice actor after her divorce from Dalton Gomez.

Jill Talley, Kenny’s wife, clarified the situation in the post’s comments on The Cut. She said- “Hi everyone, I’m married to Tom Kenny (who voices SpongeBob on the TV show)”. She also added- “He is not dating Ariana Grande. I don’t know if Ethan Slater (who played SpongeBob in the musical) is or isn’t dating Ariana Grande. However, they’re both adorable and I totally ship it. Just wanted to set the record straight. Jill Talley also said that “We’re celebrating our 27th anniversary today. “

Ariana Grande dating Spongebob voice actor

The clarification comes only days after a source told ET that Grande and Slater were dating and less than a week after a source told ET that Grande and Gomez had separated after two years of marriage, saying the couple “ultimately was just not a good fit.” Grande and Gomez wed in May 2021, five months after announcing their engagement.

“Ethan and Ariana only recently began dating. They get along well and enjoy themselves a lot “added the insider. “They didn’t begin dating until after both had split up with their partners. Dalton and Ariana are still close.”

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